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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit. ~Aristotle

sometimes, i think i've found friends that i can trust
but then, they deceived.
sometimes, i think i've found a friend that understand me
but then, she left.
sometimes, i feel like i have lots of friends
but then, i feel lonely.
sometimes, i feel like i'm in peace
but then, deep down inside, its a chaos.
there is time when i need a true friend,
to share my feelings.
there is time when i need a friend,
to ease my mind.
there is time when i need a friend,
to support me,
to be by my side,
to believe my words.
and for most of the time,
i don't need friends that
never try to understand me
never care about my feelings
never notice that they've hurt me.
for all the time,
i always care for them.
i always try not to hurt any of them.
i always keep everything inside,
what ever they did, i'll take it.
they are my friends.......
p/s : kata2 yg terlintas dlm fkiran scara tiba2....mungkin ada ayat yg xbetul...haha...cuz my english is quite bad....sja2 mncuba meluahkan rsa...=)

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