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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okei..Now I'm pissed off...huh...

I really tried to take a deep breath and forget about it, but it seems like the other person always try to provoke me. Come on, don't be childish. You should be more mature than me 'cause you are older than me. Or, you didn't realize it?

As far as i'm concerned, a subject's identity in a research should be private and confidential. I'm really curious why this person is trying to know who is the subjects. They already submitted the things you want. Why asking for their identity anyway? They wrote their personal thing on the little book that you gave them, just like what you want. For sure they don't want you to know their identity. The thing is, when you put a column for "NAME" on that book, first impression would be; "i can't wrote this and that because I don't want people to know about it". Then, your research result will be invalid because the subject didn't write the real thing.

This is just my personal opinion. Take it or leave it. No offence!

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