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Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Editing is Really Interesting.....

Today, I feel like a panda, i couldn't open my eyes widely. (+__+)
I slept at 5.30a.m. and woke up at 6.45a.m. Later, i continue sleeping from 7.10a.m until 8.30am. It is really rare that i stay up all night long. Usually, i will go to bed at 12a.m or even earlier than that. But last night, i tried my best to finish my group assignment for French language.

Just like what we've done last semester, we need to write script using the language and make a short and simple movie. After discussion, we've decided that i will edit the video.  I'm really impressed with my friends as they can come up with great ideas spontaneously during shooting sessions. I laugh so much that i my abdominal muscles become fatigue. My friends act like a professionals comedian. Their act look natural, but of course, with some mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes in learning process because people always learn from mistakes. I've started editing our video from last week.

Last night would be the final touch-up. At 10.30p.m. last night, i decided to burn the video into CD, after I reviewed it about 5 times...hehe.... Unfortunately, its like taking forever to burn the movie. Always get stuck. I took a nap while waiting for this silly thing to finish. At last, I managed to burn it at 2 o'clock. As I was ready to go to bed, my housemates ask me to go to their room. They asked me about video editing. They are doing their video, for Japanese language. I'll feel bad if i refused to help, so, i agreed.

It is really unfortunate for them that their video become corrupted. They are halfway done when the problem came up. They have to start again from the beginning, like cutting and splitting videos.  They are not familiar with the software and have no experience in video editing. It took 4days for them to cut and split the videos, and everything went wrong when they want to arrange the scenes. I feel sorry for them, and as a friend, I really want to help. So, I asked them to give me a briefing about their movie, and let me do all the cutting and splitting. They just need to rearrange the video after that. I finished the "cut and split" around 4.30 a.m. It took me longer time to edit their videos because they have more scenes compared to my group's movie.

I really want to go to bed at that time, but i feel bad to leave my friend, Fika alone, as everyone else in the the group has fall asleep. So, I accompanied her until 5.30. I couldn't wait any longer when I got a severe headache. I asked her to wake me up if she need my help. I went to bed with my eyes half open....hihih.....

When i woke up, they already finished the editing but didn't convert it to movie yet and they have to go to the class. So, I told them to leave it to me. I saved the movie and burn into CD. They came back from class at 9.30a.m. and took the CD to send it to their lecturer.

Then, I went for my French language class at 10.30a.m. I walked really slow because I felt so tired and hungry. I didn't take a breakfast. I arrived at the class 10minutes late but luckily, the lecturer didn't say anything. I show the movie to my group members and then, we passed it up to the lecturer. We felt relieved when the lecturer accepted our movie. I really want to jump at that time. During previous semester, my group's movie was rejected and we need to re-do our editing. But this semester, everything went well.

Alhamdulillah..........Thank you Allah for blessing us. (^___^)

p/s : sorry if there are grammatical errors in this post. I'm learning to write in English...=)

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